Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The free training apprentice does not relieve the commitment to himself, with the other and the environment, however, increases the liability assumed at the time of enrollment in any of the types of training: entitled or complementary; and theoretical approach: classroom, virtual or bimodal. This commitment includes adopting and implementing correct behavior in each moment of its formation in places where it takes place; always stand out for their positive leadership, personal appearance, care and control components and resources to facilitate for their training and your team, to always have the respect, honesty, responsibility, solidarity with peers, instructors, managers, staff and general members of the educational community, demonstrating the values and principles that have been instilled from his home and now to strengthen and promote each of their shares. This will lead to peaceful coexistence in community, in building the country daily.

The SENA will enter their own values and principles while strengthening the promotion through the behavior in each individual or collective action to be brought forward. In addition to achieving the technical expertise of its training program, we hope to strengthen their life plan that is linked to productive project to success in their doing.
My commitment as SENA APPRENTICE
I, ____________________________, Identified with the citizenship identification Another identity card, No. __________________________, enrolled in a training program called: ___________________________, _______ order number, I agree to the SENA National Learning Service, with my program and Apprentice my capacity as the person responsible for my actions, to:
• comply with the terms set out in regulation SENA Apprentice, which I have knowledge, as well as those set forth in the Training Centre for those internal apprentices and trainees.
• Attending, arrive punctually and to participate responsibly in all scheduled activities or virtual for my training.
• Participate in curricular and extracurricular activities that apply and remain in SENA facilities when needed, step out of them only where strictly necessary, with Instructor approval – Tutor / Coordinator for Academic.
• Always present the best conditions of hygiene and cleanliness in my image.
• Use respectful and decent uniform (if any), within and outside the institution and for training all the time, lectiva and productive stage.
• Use protective clothing and items appropriate to the learning environment.
• decorative project the corporate image in the proceedings, both inside and outside the Bank, with an ethical attitude in every action undertaken.
• Care facilities, equipment, furniture and all items owned by the entity, and to assume and share responsibility for any loss or damage to themselves and work materials required for training.
• Wearing the institutional identification card in a visible and permanent.
• Having permanently with accident insurance policy in force.
• Respecting the diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, creed, ideology, origin and occupation of all members of the educational community, whether or not SENA officials, maintaining a respectful and cordial treatment.
• Record and update my personal data in the computer applications that identify and act as SENA supplier of timely report of his academic record

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Home Automation: Security System

IntroductionAs the world gets to advanced technology, we find new technologies in our personal lives at home faced in security. Home automation is becoming increasingly popular all over the world perform and is a common. Home automation takes care of a lot of different activities in the house. Some of these things are as simple as turning on the sprinklers at a certain time every day, and detection of intruders in the middle of the night. Others are much more advanced, such as detecting the presence of a person in a room and light adaptation atmosphere, the temperature in the room, the volume of the music, according to various factors such as the day of the week and time. The process of home automation system works does everything in the house automatically controlled use of technology. The word home automation can be kept as the use of the devices are referred to the House. These include house hold equipment and building automation. House kitchen appliances are mainly concentrated on basic equipment. The device, the more impetus to the house hold appliance could be the automatic pay Mixi. Most women are first and foremost on this device. Since this activity makes the kitchen very light and offer time-saving nature. Your home is the place where you feel relaxed, be comfortable and secure. It is where you should come to believe that you lie down, without being disturbed or to provide any link that everyone just barging But our time today are much more different than it was before.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

Industrial Wood mulch sell machines? Wood Chipping & Mulching suppliers stuff sounds good to me. In Google! Source (s): www. google. co. uk find a local wholesaler, I have a business loan, leasing and credit card processing business and I at any time result in equipment a quick Internet search list numerous wholesalers an IBM (Industrial Business Machine) an obedient laptop and duz it hav fast Internet? My friend, the speed of the Internet has Zilch to do with your computer model. Whether it is a good laptop depends on your requirement and the exact model you are looking for. . And IBM International Business Machines, not industrially. . :) Yep. It is one thing. . . Here’s a zig-zag system, available on a weak Singer 95-1 industrial apparatus to be used? Machine makes only straight stitch. Are you looking to do a zig-zag system, so I sail construction. On the browser the name of the sewing machine / year. It should pull up something for you. well-educated happiness is near No aa means to reduce access to the speed on a Brother DB2-B735-3 industrial sewing machines, electrical appliance? I think the speed of this machine is far too high for me. It did not come in addition to a manual, since it was bought second hand. It has no speed settings, but I wonder if there is a way to make it a little slow. . . .

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The set of conditions and opportunities that enable them to enhance and maximize the knowledge, skills developed in the learning process and their participation as a member of the educational community at the National Training Service, SENA. It is also the frame of reference and the construction of knowledge and practices in the dimensions mental, physical and social as well, attitudes and skills, aimed at human development, the comprehensive training of students and improving their quality of life as individuals and institutional group.

The welfare should be the cornerstone in the training programs offered by the National Learning Service, SENA, which commits the institution as a whole and the Assistant Directors of Central as responsible for the implementation and execution of National Comprehensive Plan for the Welfare of Learners. Welfare Plan consists of projects and actions aimed at human development in its various dimensions, to the comprehensive education and improving the quality of life of learners. It is also the result of an educational environment that ensures the success of due process and the development of the processes of induction, retention and graduation of the institution.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Joint training activities aimed at SENA’s apprentice knowledge of himself and other members of the community, which would lead to a better performance in education and family environments, and social work.

- Coexistence
- Training Workshops in:
Study Skills.
Resolution of Conflicts.
Management of Interpersonal Relations.
Environmental Culture.

Friday, September 16, 2011


When you sit down and she appeared in his own professional training, understands the importance of leadership, whether it be a leader or be led, just remember that a person must be guided to the front. That’s when you decide which part of the leadership to belong, in my case, I decided to be a leader to see that fellow specialty increasingly confident in my approaches and organizational idea I came up.

Little by little I was making friends with colleagues in all specialties, giving them know my views, most felt identified with my words and this is how the same students Industrial Maintenance Center Comprehensive Pigs were shaping me to take the place of representation; initially not believed to be able to take that responsibility, but I understood that this is also part of our comprehensive training. I wanted to then be able to collect the ideas of all students, their needs and concerns and represent them in all aspects, achieving over 70% of the vote in the elections held to decide who would be the new representative of the Centre.
I think people trust me and feel that there is support to any situation that comes their way during their professional training, which has been evident since each time a specialty have any problems, come to me than finding a friend always willing to listen and try to solve their needs.
According to the Royal Spanish Language Academy (RAE), a representative means a person who represents an absent, body or community. But personally, but to represent a community in the Seine, I think that represents a common interest, the Comprehensive Vocational. And it is through representation where we can express concerns, and suggestions to improve our training process. A representative must not only be included, for attention or wanting to win a manager, you should have a critical ability and be a person of integrity; Representation for me, is how to publicize all the good points and improve the weaknesses of each training center.
The Apprentice General Representative was chosen by democratic vote on March 13, 2008, prior to this election forums were conducted in order to know the proposals of each of the participating boards.
Today Industrial Maintenance Center Integral has 42 specialties and an equal number of spokespersons for the group with whom they develop monthly meetings in order to meet their various concerns and to develop workshops and focus its leadership within the specialty and the institution.

Friday, August 12, 2011



  • Our Lady of Fatima, Bucaramanga
  • Damaso Zapata Higher Technical Institute, Bucaramanga
  • Real de Minas Metropolitan College, Bucaramanga
  • Colegio INEM, Bucaramanga
  • Cooprofesores College, Bucaramanga
  • Miraculous Medal School, Bucaramanga
  • Youth College, Bucaramanga
  • Colegio Rafael Pombo, Floridablanca
  • Technical College Vicente Azuero, Floridablanca
  • Balbino Garcia College, Piedecuesta
  • Thomas Technical Institute, Zapatoca
  • Industrial Technical Inst San Juan Bosco, Recruitment
  • Industrial Technical Inst Achilles Parra, Barichara
  • Colegio Carlos Vicente Rey, Piedecuesta
  • Presentation College. Piedecuesta
  • Maria Goretti School. Bucaramanga
  • Hardware Maintenance Technician Assistant
  • Technical Assistant Residential Electrical Installations
  • Assistant Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Assistant Electronic Maintenance Technician
  • Conventional Machining Technician Metalworking Products
  • Plotting, Cutting, Forming and Assembling Metal Products