Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A team working for the welfare of apprentices

The Wellness Program Learners Industrial Center Comprehensive Maintenance is aimed to strengthen its process in the apprentice training environments generating human fellowship and fostering their leadership, creativity, solidarity and entrepreneurship.
It is in this sense that this year, has been developing an operational plan product of team work of apprentices and Welfare Committee, projects have been implemented since the eight areas that make up the Wellness Program:
The learner participates actively in the various planned activities inside and outside the Centre in dance, drums, strings and theater. In tournaments in microfĂștbol intercourse, table tennis and different days of integration, and leave to see her joy, leadership and creativity in the Apprentice’s Day
In the area of health with vaccination campaigns, donations to blood banks and Higuera Escalante HUS.
The trainee welfare team also works to provide timely support for support, food subsidies and monitored. In the center of our trainees have a major leadership that promotes the Entrepreneurship Club and the program of communist leaders, in the short time that has been present at events like the National Conference of Representatives of Learners, V Regional Meeting of Bilingualism, Festival CIMI song and Technopark Creaton 2009

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