Sunday, December 11, 2011

Industrial Machine Questions & Answers

Industrial Wood mulch sell machines? Wood Chipping & Mulching suppliers stuff sounds good to me. In Google! Source (s): www. google. co. uk find a local wholesaler, I have a business loan, leasing and credit card processing business and I at any time result in equipment a quick Internet search list numerous wholesalers an IBM (Industrial Business Machine) an obedient laptop and duz it hav fast Internet? My friend, the speed of the Internet has Zilch to do with your computer model. Whether it is a good laptop depends on your requirement and the exact model you are looking for. . And IBM International Business Machines, not industrially. . :) Yep. It is one thing. . . Here’s a zig-zag system, available on a weak Singer 95-1 industrial apparatus to be used? Machine makes only straight stitch. Are you looking to do a zig-zag system, so I sail construction. On the browser the name of the sewing machine / year. It should pull up something for you. well-educated happiness is near No aa means to reduce access to the speed on a Brother DB2-B735-3 industrial sewing machines, electrical appliance? I think the speed of this machine is far too high for me. It did not come in addition to a manual, since it was bought second hand. It has no speed settings, but I wonder if there is a way to make it a little slow. . . .

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The set of conditions and opportunities that enable them to enhance and maximize the knowledge, skills developed in the learning process and their participation as a member of the educational community at the National Training Service, SENA. It is also the frame of reference and the construction of knowledge and practices in the dimensions mental, physical and social as well, attitudes and skills, aimed at human development, the comprehensive training of students and improving their quality of life as individuals and institutional group.

The welfare should be the cornerstone in the training programs offered by the National Learning Service, SENA, which commits the institution as a whole and the Assistant Directors of Central as responsible for the implementation and execution of National Comprehensive Plan for the Welfare of Learners. Welfare Plan consists of projects and actions aimed at human development in its various dimensions, to the comprehensive education and improving the quality of life of learners. It is also the result of an educational environment that ensures the success of due process and the development of the processes of induction, retention and graduation of the institution.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Joint training activities aimed at SENA’s apprentice knowledge of himself and other members of the community, which would lead to a better performance in education and family environments, and social work.

- Coexistence
- Training Workshops in:
Study Skills.
Resolution of Conflicts.
Management of Interpersonal Relations.
Environmental Culture.

Friday, September 16, 2011


When you sit down and she appeared in his own professional training, understands the importance of leadership, whether it be a leader or be led, just remember that a person must be guided to the front. That’s when you decide which part of the leadership to belong, in my case, I decided to be a leader to see that fellow specialty increasingly confident in my approaches and organizational idea I came up.

Little by little I was making friends with colleagues in all specialties, giving them know my views, most felt identified with my words and this is how the same students Industrial Maintenance Center Comprehensive Pigs were shaping me to take the place of representation; initially not believed to be able to take that responsibility, but I understood that this is also part of our comprehensive training. I wanted to then be able to collect the ideas of all students, their needs and concerns and represent them in all aspects, achieving over 70% of the vote in the elections held to decide who would be the new representative of the Centre.
I think people trust me and feel that there is support to any situation that comes their way during their professional training, which has been evident since each time a specialty have any problems, come to me than finding a friend always willing to listen and try to solve their needs.
According to the Royal Spanish Language Academy (RAE), a representative means a person who represents an absent, body or community. But personally, but to represent a community in the Seine, I think that represents a common interest, the Comprehensive Vocational. And it is through representation where we can express concerns, and suggestions to improve our training process. A representative must not only be included, for attention or wanting to win a manager, you should have a critical ability and be a person of integrity; Representation for me, is how to publicize all the good points and improve the weaknesses of each training center.
The Apprentice General Representative was chosen by democratic vote on March 13, 2008, prior to this election forums were conducted in order to know the proposals of each of the participating boards.
Today Industrial Maintenance Center Integral has 42 specialties and an equal number of spokespersons for the group with whom they develop monthly meetings in order to meet their various concerns and to develop workshops and focus its leadership within the specialty and the institution.

Friday, August 12, 2011



  • Our Lady of Fatima, Bucaramanga
  • Damaso Zapata Higher Technical Institute, Bucaramanga
  • Real de Minas Metropolitan College, Bucaramanga
  • Colegio INEM, Bucaramanga
  • Cooprofesores College, Bucaramanga
  • Miraculous Medal School, Bucaramanga
  • Youth College, Bucaramanga
  • Colegio Rafael Pombo, Floridablanca
  • Technical College Vicente Azuero, Floridablanca
  • Balbino Garcia College, Piedecuesta
  • Thomas Technical Institute, Zapatoca
  • Industrial Technical Inst San Juan Bosco, Recruitment
  • Industrial Technical Inst Achilles Parra, Barichara
  • Colegio Carlos Vicente Rey, Piedecuesta
  • Presentation College. Piedecuesta
  • Maria Goretti School. Bucaramanga
  • Hardware Maintenance Technician Assistant
  • Technical Assistant Residential Electrical Installations
  • Assistant Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Assistant Electronic Maintenance Technician
  • Conventional Machining Technician Metalworking Products
  • Plotting, Cutting, Forming and Assembling Metal Products

Friday, July 15, 2011


Fernández López Moses Saira life will change in the seventh grade. Back in Curiti in Guanentá in Santander province, on any day in June 2001, his life plan had to be modified, an explosion, the sound of that distant war, rang in his ears and after the crash, in the silence, he discovered that his legs were no longer with him.

Since then, with the help of his brother Dilma, Yolanda González Home Jesus of Nazareth and now in the SENA, the time it seemed the end, it has become a opportunity to succeed.
A little over two months, Saira Moses comes every day to the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Centre, CIMI, in the Bay of Pigs ‘tricimoto’, with a low agility to imitate his wheelchair, it changes ‘vehicle’ puts on pants and with their material goes to the auto mechanic shop.
In the beginning there was some fear or doubt if you will, especially the lack of infrastructure, but gradually he was opening Saira same door, his human qualities, his intellectual competence and technical capabilities dispelled the problem … “the mind of the disabled has always been open to all, because you know that everyone needs someone, for example, a disabled boy reaches SENA and will make around. Do not ask how you will do, remind yourself to come back here and see this fellow as they do, not you alone, but in teams, because that is what a team … That was my first instructor told me when I , come on I mean, do things between the two … ”
For Saira everything is very clear, “the disabled do not have to look for ways to prevent, but things to help you, you first have to put someone and then have to leave him alone because he sees that is capable of and when he sees a need he does, the rest do not pay impairments … ”
Look at last
The traces of war, merciless violence reaches all regions and was one of those steps which changed her life to this Santandereano mogotanos parents, born in Curirtí on May 12, 1987.
“My disability is the result of an accident. Some friends found a bomb and took him to the house, I was where my sister and I went to where my friends in Curiti did not know they had this: As soon as I saw them they were disturbing something, hello, ‘how I went with the job? ” (They were taking culonas), when suddenly exploded …
“It was a very big appliance, 115, a mortar. The consequences were two dead and three amputees, in my case lost both legs and two amputees lost to the dead … a cousin and a friend … ”
“I went to the hospital then went home to Jesus of Nazareth Yolanda González, I tried with my prosthesis but I saw that it was not possible, then I went to live with my brother …
This is Dilma, his older brother, for whom only has words of gratitude: “First of all was the family, always family . My brother Dilma, for having no living parents, is to have always spoken, he is my mother’s side and my father’s side, is the most important person in my life. ”
When Moses had the accident Saira seventh-grade student school Curiti Eduardo Camacho Gamba and just a year later resumed his studies at the Colegio San Juan Bosco Salesian. “The adjustment process was not part of my companions to me, but it was from me to them, the boys always behaved well, I always had friends, always in my own age and some older …”
Saira completed his secondary education at the 2006 in the specialty of electricity.
The sport’s first therapy
Passed the first stage of rehabilitation, having made his own grief, the sport-no doubt-has been very supportive, hand medalist, also disabled and third in the world, Moses and technical Fuentes García Jiménez William David Child.
“I met swimming through Moses Fuentes, this year I went to National Games, then went to Pan American Youth which earns three golds, five silvers and a bronze .. . I did very well!. Then I coached competitive swimming in Colombia, I am the first category S-6 at all distances, usually in the second is to stay 50 meters butterfly, I rest in all national champion.
“I’m doing athletics, with the support of John Gamboa, manager of Orthosander, as has already exceeded expectations in swimming, I went to last year’s marathon Pereira and was fourth, then I was in Cali and I was tenth, this year I return to that marathons and win.
And now the SENA
With the first educational offerings of 2008 came other illusions to Moses Saira Fernandez Lopez, from the deck of options selected electrical and electronic maintenance of vehicles, with a conviction and spirit of excellence worthy of envy … “I decided to come to the SENA, because electricity is I like it and it is something that helps me to life, then I know if I can specialize in automotive, I can have my own studio, my own dealership, my own things …
“The process has been very good, because with firm hand of the instructor Nestor Mantilla all colleagues are willing to learn. We want to follow, learn more, not just stay in the electrical and electronics, because we can renew, invent, and that’s what we want.
‘If we want to be big we have to learn many more things, learn about gas, on engines as types combustion, we do not stay here, we go much further …
“The boys have been very well because I lived with that process and I know how to treat people. In my case I know how to do it, I know how to move under a car, get into a car, look at a streetlight, because more than anyone I know my body and I know how far to go …
In the end a message
After the conversation, Saira expressed his feelings and his message: “The idea is that the SENA will benefit us all, for example if you make a ramp than to myself, but that can pass all. The idea is that all should come, the SEINE and I opened the door for me and now you can not deny anyone entry. My idea is to do a good job for the SENA to let more people with disabilities

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A team working for the welfare of apprentices

The Wellness Program Learners Industrial Center Comprehensive Maintenance is aimed to strengthen its process in the apprentice training environments generating human fellowship and fostering their leadership, creativity, solidarity and entrepreneurship.
It is in this sense that this year, has been developing an operational plan product of team work of apprentices and Welfare Committee, projects have been implemented since the eight areas that make up the Wellness Program:
The learner participates actively in the various planned activities inside and outside the Centre in dance, drums, strings and theater. In tournaments in microfútbol intercourse, table tennis and different days of integration, and leave to see her joy, leadership and creativity in the Apprentice’s Day
In the area of health with vaccination campaigns, donations to blood banks and Higuera Escalante HUS.
The trainee welfare team also works to provide timely support for support, food subsidies and monitored. In the center of our trainees have a major leadership that promotes the Entrepreneurship Club and the program of communist leaders, in the short time that has been present at events like the National Conference of Representatives of Learners, V Regional Meeting of Bilingualism, Festival CIMI song and Technopark Creaton 2009