Friday, September 16, 2011


When you sit down and she appeared in his own professional training, understands the importance of leadership, whether it be a leader or be led, just remember that a person must be guided to the front. That’s when you decide which part of the leadership to belong, in my case, I decided to be a leader to see that fellow specialty increasingly confident in my approaches and organizational idea I came up.

Little by little I was making friends with colleagues in all specialties, giving them know my views, most felt identified with my words and this is how the same students Industrial Maintenance Center Comprehensive Pigs were shaping me to take the place of representation; initially not believed to be able to take that responsibility, but I understood that this is also part of our comprehensive training. I wanted to then be able to collect the ideas of all students, their needs and concerns and represent them in all aspects, achieving over 70% of the vote in the elections held to decide who would be the new representative of the Centre.
I think people trust me and feel that there is support to any situation that comes their way during their professional training, which has been evident since each time a specialty have any problems, come to me than finding a friend always willing to listen and try to solve their needs.
According to the Royal Spanish Language Academy (RAE), a representative means a person who represents an absent, body or community. But personally, but to represent a community in the Seine, I think that represents a common interest, the Comprehensive Vocational. And it is through representation where we can express concerns, and suggestions to improve our training process. A representative must not only be included, for attention or wanting to win a manager, you should have a critical ability and be a person of integrity; Representation for me, is how to publicize all the good points and improve the weaknesses of each training center.
The Apprentice General Representative was chosen by democratic vote on March 13, 2008, prior to this election forums were conducted in order to know the proposals of each of the participating boards.
Today Industrial Maintenance Center Integral has 42 specialties and an equal number of spokespersons for the group with whom they develop monthly meetings in order to meet their various concerns and to develop workshops and focus its leadership within the specialty and the institution.

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