Saturday, November 12, 2011


The set of conditions and opportunities that enable them to enhance and maximize the knowledge, skills developed in the learning process and their participation as a member of the educational community at the National Training Service, SENA. It is also the frame of reference and the construction of knowledge and practices in the dimensions mental, physical and social as well, attitudes and skills, aimed at human development, the comprehensive training of students and improving their quality of life as individuals and institutional group.

The welfare should be the cornerstone in the training programs offered by the National Learning Service, SENA, which commits the institution as a whole and the Assistant Directors of Central as responsible for the implementation and execution of National Comprehensive Plan for the Welfare of Learners. Welfare Plan consists of projects and actions aimed at human development in its various dimensions, to the comprehensive education and improving the quality of life of learners. It is also the result of an educational environment that ensures the success of due process and the development of the processes of induction, retention and graduation of the institution.

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